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Luxor 4 Quest For Afterlife - Arcade Game From Mumbo Jumbo CODEX

If an alien nation were to arrive upon our blue pearl and attempt to profile civilization on the basis of Flash games found online (obviously they don't use Apple machines, unlike the hapless lot from Independence Day...), they will find a species that has no common ground when it comes to difficulty. Or put more succinctly: some like it hot. Or in the case of Casual Gameplay Design Competition #9 entry and arcade avoidance game Jay Needs Friends, some like the room on fire.

Luxor 4 Quest For Afterlife - Arcade Game From Mumbo Jumbo CODEX

If I say "there's a new game from flash game developer Undefined," what are you picturing? A new Protector game? Well... SURPRISE!! Way to fall into the trap. Get ready for Undefined's new game Arkandian Crusade the first chapter in the new Arkandian Legends series, a turn-based RPG with defense elements. Create a hero who will venture out into the world at the behest of your kind to combat the demon threat. With over sixty dungeons, hundreds of items, magical spells, quests, and much more, expect to be busy for a very long time indeed.

It goes by many names: Dots, Dots and Boxes, Paddocks, Square-It, Dot-Boxing... Whatever you call it, it's the grid-based game of strategy that's been played the world over since its rules were first published in 1889. However, unlike its pencil-and-paper cousins tic-tac-toe or hangman, Dots has never been all that satisfying to play against a computer. It suffers from the same difficulties as Go, in that the plethora of move options makes it difficult for a computer to sift through and find a winning strategy. Clearly, if the game is to effectively make the leap from restaurant place-mat to computer screen, some remix of the core rules is necessary. Monomaze, the new release from Diffusion Games, is just such a remix, and a successful one at that. It combines the core strategic elements of Dots with a healthy dose of arcade-puzzling, and coats it in a futuristic aesthetic. Never has clever line placement been so intense, or, for that matter, so entertaining.

Planetary Conflict is the latest game from the guys at Toge Productions. They've stepped away from Infectonator and Necronator to bring us this multiplayer turn-based combat RPG. You've joined up with a kind of mercenary organization, dedicated to keeping the peace within the galaxy... by force, if necessary. When there's trouble with Insectoid aliens or space pirates, they'll send you and your squad into the fray to put everything right. While you can play alone to some degree, you should note that the difficulty definitely leans towards getting a group of Facebook or Twitter friends together to kick some alien butt... provided the aliens in question have butts, of course.

I've always thought that ice cream must feel a little depressed around the holidays. For a good half of the year, it is the unquestioned king of desert and queen of dairy. However, round about October, the trucks that delivered it to neighborhoods amidst the dulcet tones of "Turkey In The Straw" fall silent. The shops that once sold it in more than fifty varieties close their shutters. Worst of all, though, ice cream finds itself replaced in our hearts and on our tables by all manner of thematically-shaped cookies, pies, gingerbreads, fruitcakes, and nogs. Well, the stars of Bad Ice-Cream, Nitrome's new top-down arcade puzzle game, are three dollops of frozen dairy that are mad as heck, and not going to take it any more. They're rebelling the only way they know how: collecting fruit and spitting ice cubes. Are you a bad enough ice-cream to claim the season back?

Clock Blocks - Simple, stylish, and challenging, Clock Blocks is a great puzzle game that combines reflexes and planning in a unique package. When a level begins, a ball flies on screen and lands on one of the clocks. The hands of each clock are constantly spinning, and when the ball touches it, the hand starts drawing a gray background. You must tap the screen to fire the ball in the direction the hand is pointing before the circle is complete. After you fire, that clock disappears, so the goal is to lob the ball from clock to clock until the screen is clear. Three modes of play are available, from quest to survival to classic, the former being a more puzzle-oriented experience while the latter two are all about speed and accuracy. It's a wonderful puzzle game that's filled with levels and that simple kind of challenge we love to see in our mobile games. The free Clock Blocks Lite is available, and you can also try the browser version of the game to get a feel for the mechanics before downloading.

The Journey Down: Over the Edge is a classic-style point-and-click adventure game released by SkyGoblin. Bwana and Kito, longtime friends and mechanics in Kingsport Bay, are having a bit of a cash problem. The all-powerful and evil electric company is demanding massive payments from everyone, and to top it off, they've made it a punishable offense to visit the area known as "The Edge". Couple that with a woman loaded with cash who's asking questions about Bwana's missing friend, and you've got a great start to what is guaranteed to be a strange and intriguing adventure!

Walk with Jack (Windows, 13.4MB, free) - What you can't see can't hurt you, right? While anyone who's tried swimming in a mountain lake at night might disagree, Jack's on board for the concept. In this game, Jack walks from left to right. Lots of nasty things scroll his way, from spikes to pits to spiders and more. How do you keep Jack safe? Click and hold the [left] mouse button and the entire screen goes black. In the darkness, Jack continues to move, but any dangers he would smash into don't hurt him. Release the button to see what's going on, but be prepared to click again soon. An interesting arcade-style game you'll have fun playing all afternoon!

So you know what to look for, here's an example of the gems you'll see in the coming week (no, they're not part of the contest!). Each one will be in the body of the article of the game in question, easy to find once you decipher the riddle! Gems will be available for approximately 24 hours, at which point the next round of hints will become available, pushing the old ones away forever.The official colors are as follows (from left to right in the image above): blue, green, red, white, yellow, purple, and orange.


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