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[S2E10] The French Connection

When I interviewed Robert Frantz, I had just lost my father three days before. That's why I was at home in Canada. I was going to cancel the interview, but in the end, that seemed as much trouble as doing it. So I sat in my rental car, on my cellphone, and as Robert Frantz talked about his father, it seemed to me that he was describing my father as well, Graham Morris Leslie Gladwell, an academic, a mathematician, slender, a full head of hair. He would sit at his desk at home and write his mathematics papers in elegant longhand, pencil, eraser, all just so. Maybe if my father hadn't just died, I wouldn't have made that connection, but then and there, it seemed inescapable. And the more I listened, the more I realized that Frantz was talking about things that I had been thinking about as well. What is a child's obligation to his parent?

[S2E10] The French Connection

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The season introduces a new starship, the USS Stargazer (NCC-82893). Designed by Eaves, Drexler, and Blass, it was based on an earlier USS Stargazer (NCC-2893), the first starship that Picard captained which was introduced in the Next Generation episode "The Battle".[82][83] The new ship retains the original Stargazer's unique design of having four nacelles. Goldsman said they wanted to revisit the Stargazer, which Picard has a deep emotional connection to, as part of the season's theme of looking back at the past.[84] Blass explained that the registry for the new version was not "NCC-2893-A", following the pattern used for the USS Enterprise of denoting the version with a letter, because the Stargazer "does not hold the status in the Federation that the Enterprise had... the Stargazer didn't have that legacy". The set for the Stargazer's bridge is 10 feet (3.0 m) wider than the bridge set for the USS Enterprise-E in the Next Generation-era films to allow for multiple widescreen cameras to film inside the set at once, though it is not as wide as the bridge set of the USS Discovery from Star Trek: Discovery.[83]

With Dean tied up and gagged, Gordon explains to him that he was down in Louisiana performing a demonic exorcism on a teenage girl. She was a low-ranking demon, who in the midst of the action, muttered about a coming war, that the demon has soldiers fighting in this war. But the soldiers are humans, fighting on hell's side. These soldiers are going to be the Special Children, with psychic abilities, which the demon has plans for. The demon said that Gordon knew one of them, Sam Winchester. Gordon knows all about Sam's visions from his own roadhouse connections. He states that all these special children are going to be killers. Gordon has set up two tripwires in the building which will trigger the explosions with which he plans on killing Sam.

Dean gives Ellen a call, completely pissed off that she told Gordon about Sam's visions. Ellen denies telling anyone about Sam. But Dean is convinced that she must have told someone because Gordon said he had roadhouse connections. She says that she is not disloyal and that she didn't breathe a word of this to anyone, but that the roadhouse is full of hunters, each with their own patterns and connections. Gordon could have gotten this information from anyone.

Back in the Hastings' residence, Spencer obsesses over this new link between Garrett, Jason, and Ian. She then finds an old T-shirt of Ian's with the words "Nos Animadverto Totus" imprinted on the front. She immediately makes the N.A.T. connection and translates the Latin to mean "We See All." She interprets this to mean that all three of them were stalking and making videos of them and who knows who else, not Ian alone. Maybe Jason killed Ali for the same reason they had previously thought Ian was, to keep the videos from getting out. At the Grille, Aria is sitting texting Ezra, trying to explain. Jason approaches her and asks to sit.

The France-based post-credits sequence probably acts as a precursor to the Rick Grimes Walking Dead movie too. The soon-to-be-shot scientist reveals Primrose Team were in Ohio when the outbreak took place. If any of them remain alive in the present, that means experts who understand the virus and how it was created are currently inside the U.S. Maybe Rick Grimes finds them and makes it his mission to ensure they find a cure. Or has the CRM captured Primrose Team, and Rick needs to break them free to end the zombie apocalypse? World Beyond's post-credits might tease a connection between the French science team and the Civic Republic, as the coat the woman wears looks very similar to the black uniform of a CRM officer, and has something shiny where the 3 ring logo usually sits, though the exact design can't be seen clearly.

Eliot Spencer is a United States Black Ops soldier turned retrieval specialist who is now the protector of the Leverage team. A man of many talents, little is known about his past aside from his connections to the US military. His character serves as a gallowglass, an elite warrior who protects and aides an aristocratic leader, such as Nate.

While little is seen of Lucas before he shared his body or after he experienced exorcism from the Alpha Key, numerous allusions have been made to his personality. He was described by Ellie as being kind and charming in her eyes, much like how Nina Locke described Rendell. Duncan believed that he was humorous, altruistic, and benevolent, unlike his possessor. However, Lucas was considered to be naive at times, at one point, he was accused of following Rendell blindly, and deferring to Ellie to the degree of overvaluing her. After he was possessed by Dodge, however, Lucas was subsumed by the demon and his actions were compromised by Dodge, who used his memories and personality to stay two steps ahead of others based on Lucas's connections.

Ann: [to Ron after he took medication] Hey, how are you feeling? Are you dizzy? Are you lightheaded?Ron: When I look at my palm, I see a ladies' mouth french-kissing a dog. Is that normal?

On 1 August 2016, Bryan Fuller suggested that the series would be set prior to The Original Series, stating that the registry number of the Discovery was a clue as to the placement of the series in the timeline. He also stated that it would be possible to read a connection, "or not", to Section 31 in some aspect of the first season. [43]

They were all ready-to-eat items as the Hones family did not have an active gas connection. So how could they have died because of a gas leak? Jimmy acted to kill them after Gina pushed him to. The realization hits everyone and Fia is the most hurt. She storms out of the court. But the Baxter family is now in deep trouble. 041b061a72


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