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Where To Buy Mini Nutella Jars

You can find even tinier jars of Nutella (.88-ounce sized) on Amazon for even less than $1 per jar. You can buy a pack of 16 mini Nutella jars for $15, which breaks out to 94 cents a jar. They come with the classic white tops.

where to buy mini nutella jars

You can grab these Nutella Chocolate Hazelnut Spread Mini Jars (Friends Edition) for just $33.16 shipped when you choose to subscribe. This bundle includes a large reusable Nutella special jar with 21 mini jars inside that can be handed out to friends (also comes with a nice gift box).

Buying my friends gifts for the holidays can be tough sometimes. Whenever I'm Christmas shopping, I'm always torn between buying them something delicious or something that'll last a while. Thankfully, I already know exactly what I'm going to buy my Nutella-loving pals this year. What's that, you ask? I'm thinking about purchasing each one of 'em a mini Christmas Nutella jar, because they're festive and delicious. Sure, they might not last a long time (especially if my friends dive straight into the jars), but they're still cute AF. Merry Christmas, friends; get hungry.

The mini jars, which are officially called "Nutellino Christmas Spreads" on Target's website, come with either red or green caps if you order them online. I suppose that's what makes them "Christmas" spreads, but I think they'd be great gifts for any holiday throughout the winter season. Whether you choose to wrap them up, put a few bows on top, or throw them into your friends' stockings, they're the perfect presents.

Believe it or not, some folks have been getting super creative and have been turning the jars into Christmas ornaments. So, if you'd rather not give these little jars away, you can always decorate your tree with them. Between candy canes and mini Nutella jar ornaments, I can predict that my Christmas tree is going to be extra tasty this year.

This famous Hazelnut spread with cocoa has become a popular way to start the day off. These mini jars are the perfect offering to customers for breakfast. Enjoy the first meal of the day with the unique taste of delicious Nutella on toast or even add to your Afternoon Tea selection. Ideal for use in cafes, hotels or restaurants as they are the perfect serving size. Free from artificial colours and preservatives. RSPO certified palm oil. Suitable for vegetarians. There are 64 mini jars in each catering box. Each mini jar is 25g.Nutella is the number one spread brand in UK & Ireland. Originally, Nutella was a smart solution to a tricky problem: the shortage of cocoa supplies following World War Two. Pietro Ferrero, a pastry maker from Piedmont in Italy, ingeniously created a sweet paste made from hazelnuts, sugar and just a little of the rare cocoa. Serve Nutella within your breakfast offering for a point of difference.

You could also just pile the Nutellino jars into a triangle, pyramid shape and wow! Amazing! It's a mini Nutella tree. You could stick a personalized sticker on the jar and turn it into a Nutella-flavored gift tag. You could even just arrange the jars to spell out "CHRISTMAS" or "HOLIDAY" or "SNOWFLAKES" on your kitchen table. That's basically the same as decorating for Christmas, right?

The labels are made with quality thick white sticker paper with your choice of foil colour. They are custom made to fit the 25g mini Nutella jars and go straight over the existing label so you don't have to spend time removing the old label. Stickers are 5.9cm x 1.8cm.

A Simple Favour requires a minimum of 2 weeks' notice on all bomboniere orders. In the case where a bomboniere order is required within 2 weeks please contact us first to ensure it can be completed. A rush fee of $20 will be applied to all bomboniere orders required within 2 weeks.

According to reports, the giant retailer is selling miniature sized Nutella jars as Christmas tree ornaments. The popular department store has started retailing "Nutellino Christmas Spread." Many fans would agree that they make perfect stocking stuffers for Nutella fans and family. Unfortunately, as of press time, the Nutella tree ornaments can only be purchased at a Target store and are not available online.

The 25 g mini glass jars of NUTELLA are now available across all franchised Sunset Grill locations in Ontario and Alberta. The jars can be purchased as a premium add-on to any breakfast item, such as pancakes, waffles, toast, bagels and more for only $2 plus applicable taxes. 041b061a72


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