Its about the journey, not the destination!!

I had the supreme honor to be in a room with some amazing ladies and also some victims that had gone through some intimate issues of Domestic Violence in Perry, GA. I was asked to speak on Human Trafficking and the effect it has on our communities. Unfortunately, God had other plans! We cannot assume to think about what God has in store whether it is to show your PowerPoint in his entirety or tell your testimony from beginning to end.

It had been years since I had mentioned my testimony and I try not to talk about my past issues of domestic violence episodes since most of my past and part of that life I had forgiven, forgotten, and moved on.  But as I spoke about the lack of my father figure, my struggles with having a relationship with my heavenly Father, and my ideology of relationships with men to fill the void of my lack of happiness. I felt a sense of growth that grew within me as I stood there, no longer feeling inadequate, or put together. Not lacking anything because I was not in Puerto Rico or did not have a Father to call my own, truly God had made me whole and complete. I saw one young lady weeping and as I spoke about my lack of Father figure, I can feel the breaking of her heart and the longing in her affections for the father she probably never had in her life. Just to be understood, held, and loved! I was there and I remember that longing. So as I kept speaking, I remember praying for her comforting her and longing for that desire that God would truly be answering her hearts desire in that still small voice that only Father God could long to fill. In my deepest prayers, I ask to let it be at your season Father, speak to your son's and your daughter's and reconcile them to you. Father, let there be forgiveness and healing of each broken heart.

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