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Three Women

Quote from Founder

I have devoted my life to reaching out to those affected by abuse and trauma; now, I know every face, story, and wound of abuse is different, and mine was no different.

Cynthya Pagan
CEO / Founder

FFT Helping Others
FFT Helping Others Counseling LLC


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Our Founders Story

Our Founder, Cynthya Pagan Hale, was a 27-year survivor of the military, domestic violence, sexual assault, and mental and psychological abuse while stationed with her ex-husband in MCAS Cherry Point, NC. She devoted her life to reaching out to those affected by abuse and trauma after feeling alone and helpless in a domestic violence shelter with no help. She understands that all faces, stories, and wounds of abuse are different and can't be easily placed in a box. Because all victim's stories and situations in life are other, and even the perpetrators in each of our stories are different, just like hers. But, she has dedicated her life to helping paint a new picture for all survivors not to be alone like she was.  

    She is a proud multi-racial LatinX Puerto Rican CEO and founder of FFT Helping Others and FFT Helping Others Counseling LLC; she founded the National Domestic Violence Rally in 2019, which has given opportunities to many individuals to walk and talk in the Washington Capitol about the issues of Domestic Violence and others problems and the like.

         She attended James Madison University for a degree in Early Childhood Education and a minor in Computer Programming; she never stopped continuing her goals to aspire to work on her education as she strived for a Master's in Pastoral Counseling and was blessed to be Certified in Neuroplasticity through the University of Michigan currently and certified Cognitive Behavioral Therapist Coach. Approved as a Youth and Mental Health aid, CDC Domestic Violence advocate, GGA Anti-Bullying Prevention, and my body is My Body Program. In addition, she has had the great opportunity to be certified as an NCHS Advanced Care Planning Human Trafficking and NCHS Public Health Aging Services, Certified in Non-Fatal Strangulation: Recognition of Injuries through OVCTTAC. Plus, a certified coach, an accredited Psychodynamic & Psychotherapist, and a Stress and anxiety manager.

      She has been a Global Good Will Ambassador for many years and a World Peace Ambassador, helping people worldwide and those in the United States. She has been on many talk shows and also hosted Guidance to a Good Heart in the DMV area with MIXXSTATION Radio, which addresses domestic violence, Child Abuse, Human/Sex/Labor Trafficking, Sexual Assault, Bullying, and topics of worth. And she can say that she was blessed with so many panel speakers worldwide, even in the UK. She was an author of a book for restoration and healing called "PLACE OF HEALING: Journey Journal and three Spanish Bilingual books for children.

       She has had the great opportunity to be a trained leader under her impressive church Journey Church in Orange City, Florida. And genuinely passionate about her relationship with her church groups under outstanding pastoral leadership. She believes in a holistic and fundamental approach to healing. Ms.Cynthya has dedicated her life to spreading and bringing awareness to church leaders about bringing proper awareness of mental health and cognitive behavioral issues to the forefront of many church bodies.

      She volunteers and provides services and training about domestic violence and human trafficking to her Latino and minority communities through restoration and healing. And believe in the opportunities to help permanently move our organization forward through disaster relief efforts, sending items to help others with the issues surrounding many families affected by the constant growing problems from Hurricane Maria, Hurricane Florence, Hurricane Dorian, and many other natural disasters, and helping our communities with hair cuts to the homeless and domestic violence victims in shelters, and hygiene products homeless action for those in need.  /

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