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FFT Helping Others

is a grassroots advocacy 501C3 non-profit organization to aid families and individuals in Volusia County and surrounding areas that advocate, give resources, and provide counseling services for domestic violence, human, sex, and labor trafficking, including spreading awareness of military, domestic violence, child abuse, and teen dating violence.


  •  Referral to housing programs and community aid services assistance for women and children affected & inflicted by the issues of Domestic Violence and trafficking issues

  • Continued efforts with other agencies to transport women from all across Volusia County and to partner with state law enforcement and community leaders.

  • Food aid, action, and support to domestic violence and homeless families.

  • Hair Cuts, Pampering Day, book and clothing drives for families in need

  • Bookbag & Christmas programs for disparity communities and those in need.

  • Aid to our Latino and minority communities requires advocacy and assistance, especially with translators, social services, and judicial advocacy.

  •  Aid in hurricane actions and disaster relief actions.

  •  Education and awareness of human trafficking, Teen Dating Violence, Bullying, Domestic Violence, and other violent issues affect our communities, teens, children, and veterans.

  • Help in legislation reform for Domestic Violence.

  • Aid in mental health and ensure a better quality of life through mental health assistance.    


City of Deland


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We believe all people can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Transforming the world and serving those in need!


Our Vision

To create educational and collaborative opportunities for volunteers, businesses, and joint ventures to join hands with our communities to help families who need education, assistance, and services especially on key issues that plague our disparting communities like food, hurricane action projects, and domestic violence efforts.

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