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The Catalyst of Sex and Human Trafficking in our society.

As homelessness increases in our society and we are seeing younger and younger teens starting to become homeless. The act of Human and sexual exploitation has become prevalent in this day and age. Unfortunately, criminals have become bolder even kidnapping children from the arms of their mothers. The acts of sexual exploiting, child sex trafficking and forced labor plus prostitution have become such a commodity they will go so far as to do it in plain sight, no matter the consequences.

Such acts of vulgarity and indecency we have allowed and turned a deaf ear, eye, and closed mouth to it for so many years that we ourselves have become desensitized to the mear acts of impertinence by a criminal. This 8-year old little girl was literally walking in daylight with her mother and was snatched by her assailant from her mother's arm. Thank goodness to her neighbor's Ring that caught everything that happened, and the community and officers that leaped into action. But what about the things that are not seen and the children still out there. In a study conducted by the University of New Hampshire, it states:

"An estimated 105 children were victims of stereotypical kidnappings in 2011, virtually the same as the 1997 estimate. Most kidnappings involved the use of force or threats, and about three in five victims were sexually assaulted, abused, or exploited. Victims were, most commonly, ages 12 to 17, girls, white, and living in situations other than with two biological or adoptive parents. Half of all stereotypical kidnappings in 2011 were sexually motivated crimes against adolescent girls."

   You think, things that are hidden in the dark are best kept in the dark until it happens to one of our children. We must expose inhumane factors of human trafficking and child trafficking once and for all. BE A VOICE FOR THE VOICELESS, SPEAK UP!

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