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God's love is here, Come on In!

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

The amazing love #ChapelSpringchurch gave during our gift wrapping project and gift assistance program is immeasurable. God's love is here, come on in.

The welcoming and soothing atmosphere as the doors to #ChapelSpringschurch open up and the truck pulls in with all the Christmas toys helped set the tone to a winter wonder land of toys waiting to be wrapped. As the tables start to pile up with toys, music is heard over the speakers, and the tables start to fill up with toys. Volunteers start to roll in to have their temperature checked, named logged, and you can feel the love of God in the air.

Truly God dwells in this place and only His love and His anointing fills this room and many others in this place,

as many of the volunteers cheerfully wrap presents with ugly sweaters, giggling smiles and singing

Christmas carols. Knowing that on Christmas morning a child would be opening up their present that was wrapped with love and care from each one of their capable loving hands. Chapel Springs lovely ladies and gentlemen from the Sages program have dedicated their time to serving others selflessly and give as much love as FFT Helping Others volunteers do in our mission to serve, to be a good servant and to be a good example of God's love. FFT Helping Others and Chapel Springs church did not just bless our ministry but 2 others; The Appalachian Mountain ministry and Georgetown South Ministry. It was with the collaborative efforts of Alicia Tingen, Judy Cole, Virginia King,

Pastor Scott Leib and all the volunteers that these efforts were made possible. We are thankful to each and every volunteer who came out and gave of themselves to serve others. Thank you for being and example and for leading the way #chapelspringschurch, You are an example of God's love for others. (#grateful, #blessed, #loved, #thankyou, #anointed, #servingothers, #servant)

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