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FFT Helping Others reaches action programs even to Deland FL Neighborhood Center of West Volusia

FFT Helping Others as it visited Deland, FL during a COVID-19 visitation notice a need in the west of Volusia County Homeless disparities and it jumped into action by purchasing hand sanitizers, masks, lotions, hand sanitizing wipes

tissues, tooth paste and tooth brushes, soaps and the essentials for the homeless in the community of Volusia County. The donation was donated to "THE NEIGHBORHOOD CENTER OF WEST VOLUSIA". We are thankful for the wonderful and beautiful work they are doing in this area. If you are looking to donate and help a worthy cause in Volusia County, FL please help The NEIGHBORHOOD CENTER at West VOLUSIA. #neighborhoodcenterwestvolusia #neighborhoodcenterwv #helpthoseinneed #blessthoseinneed

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