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Prince William County Sheriff's in Action for the hope of helping our kids for Christmas

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

Amazing deputies helping for the cause of the Gift assistance program and wrapping project.

We could not thank our Deputies enough for their kindest and generosity.

Their love and kindness to help those in need goes a long way. Truly their love shows through Galaxies

and beyond.

Real TROOPERS in the making!

We could not have achieved all our wrapping and generosity without their support. The Prince William Sheriff's Department went beyond the call of duty by even delivering to a family that was not able to make it. One of their off-duty officers was able to deliver and bless this family and share a bit of the Christmas spirit to this much needed family and children, and show them that Santa uses even the PW County Sheriff's Department to deliver hope each year.

Thanks again and have a Happy New Year Prince William County Sherriff's Department. (#princewilliamsheriff #dreamteam #ffthelpingothers #guidancetoagoodheart #wrappingproject #thankyou)

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