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Updated: Jan 3, 2021

Able moving & Storage helped to love and care not only to move the Toys from the Marines Toys for Toys this year but they also helped with the gift wrapping program.

We cannot thank #AbleMovingStorageInc for their kind and blessed generosity to help FFT Helping Others in our annual Gift Assistance program.

Their generosity to help with moving, storage, and volunteering was valuable to help so many families..

dealing with Domestic Violence, Human, Sex trafficking, Child abuse, and this year families struggling with COVID-19.

There were so many families around the Prince William County region who lost their jobs, homes, incomes and were unable to provide a good Christmas for their Children. We were thankful that #ablemovingstorageinc was able to move our toys and make a

loving contribution of their trucks and were able to give generously of

their staff time to wrap and give these wonderful families a blessed Christmas. FFT Helping Others is so happy to know companies like Able Moving & Storage, Inc exist and are willing to help non-profits like ourselves. If you are looking for a great moving company please look no further than Able Moving & Storage, Inc at at 703-330-3772. They travel all across the U.S. and abroad. PLEASE CONTACT THEM TODAY!

(#ablemovingstorageinc, #thankyou, #blessed, #grateful, #generous, #wonderful)

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