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Buy Links

It reduces the workload building links requires (e.g., creating quality content, prospecting for link opportunities, and building relationships) and significantly cuts down the time it takes to start seeing results.

buy links

How does your website score? Get a free instant audit that will uncover the biggest SEO issues affecting your site, and how to fix them.What Exactly is Backlink Buying? Buying backlinks is the process of paying for a link back to your site from another website.

Unfortunately, many link buyers and sellers know next to nothing about what makes a good backlink. This has led to an industry where even low-quality site owners are able to demand high prices for mediocre links because some SEOs are willing to pay.

Never pursue links from sites that are obvious link sellers because a Google penalty is probably just around the corner. At which point, the links you got from the sites will become worthless or worse.

Thinking why? Because buying backlinks is akin to a double-edged sword. It can either help you win the SERP battle and improve your ranking or harm you in the long run by leading to permanent removal from search results.

In one of the recent YouTube videos by Nathan Gotch, he said Chris Dryer and himself invested a whopping 1 million dollars on backlinks and found that backlinks definitely help increase the rankings on Google.

However, doing outreach to such websites takes a lot of effort and the price of the link can increase. Most of the time, these are earned links, and your money is spent on the effort put in by the outreach team into building a connection with the website owner.

Besides knowing that they are valuable brands, most of the older sites have strict limits on the number of outbound links that they can build each month. In most cases, you find that these brands are already sitting on backlogs of many other brands looking for backlinks from this one established brand.

If you are just starting out with a new website, you need to earn more backlinks to increase your domain authority and online visibility. On the other hand, if you have an established website with good authority, you need fewer backlinks to rank higher.

If the other players in your industry have built less number of backlinks and have a weak online presence, all you have to do is to build a greater number of backlinks to outperform them. Also, making sure your links are of high quality will give you the competitive edge you are looking for.

If you want to buy links that satiate the relevancy and quality factors Google is looking for, we can help you build it using our blogger outreach backlink service. We have 20+ link metrics to assess the quality of the links we build for you. Additionally, the links are built using a 100% manual outreach strategy, which means ZERO PBNs and Link Schemes.

With over 12 years of expertise, Dileep has carved a name for himself as a trailblazer in the SEO industry. As an acclaimed author and relentless learner, he has transformed countless websites with tailored digital marketing strategies, thanks to his profound insights and innovative approach.Dileep's passion for staying ahead of the curve is evident in his contributions to Stan Ventures and the 100+ publications that feature his groundbreaking articles on SEO and digital marketing. His dedication to knowledge-sharing has earned him widespread recognition as a go-to expert in the field.For cutting-edge SEO solutions or to delve into the mind of a true digital marketing virtuoso, connect with Dileep through the links provided below. @Mail LinkedIn Twitter Facebook or View all posts by Dileep

Hey! That was an amazing blog! The only problem that I face in building backlinks is time. Manual backlink-building takes time. I am not even sure if I should buy any backlink-building tool like Postifluence, Ahrefs, Check my links, etc.Are these tools effective enough to buy? How much help do they are for building backlinks?

Hi,Besides knowing that they are valuable brands, most of the older sites have strict limits on the number of outbound links that they can build each month. Your information is so impressive and more reliable. Thanks for sharing such amazing content. I appreciate your search work.

Although not something talked about in a lot of big SEO publications, you can be rest assured knowing that buying high-quality backlinks is a normal process in link building strategies and common practice in an SEO campaign. Backlinks are a major ranking factor for search engines, after all.

Purchasing links can be completely safe when you buy backlinks from an SEO agency that follows industry best practices. The way that we run our networks and link building services ensures the maximum amount of privacy and safety possible.

Basically, having too many identical types of sites (or types of backlinks) pointing to your targets can trigger an unnatural link warning to search engine algorithms (which are always getting smarter). Even having too many do-follow links relative to no-follow links can be a bad thing.

If you have ever tried buying backlinks, then you know by now that finding a solid provider for paid links can be difficult. We think our link building services stand out from other websites for the following reasons.

Contextual links, dofollow links, natural backlinks, social media links, casino, and adult backlinks. You name it, we probably sell it! And we lower your overall backlinks cost by offering powerful bulk product packs as well. And remember, all of our backlinks are white-label and ready for you to use however you wish!

When you click the Order Now button on any product page, you will be directed to our Client Portal. From there, you will give us some basic information we need for building your links as well as submit your payment:

This is not something we can answer for you. There are many factors to consider when ranking in the search engines: your on-page, other high quality backlinks, niche, competition, etc. If you need additional help with links, you might consider applying for our MLB Program.

To start selling with 2Checkout, you need to redirect shoppers to 2Checkout's hosted secure checkout (ordering interface). Depending on your desired workflow, you can either generate buy-links using our dedicated interface (Generate Sales Links) or generate the parameters dynamically, in your own system.

When you generate a checkout link, 2Checkout automatically includes some of the parameters in the list below in the URL, depending on a number of variables, such as the purchase flow you choose, the products, discounts, currencies, cart languages, preselected payment methods and more. You can use these query parameters to generate checkout links in your own system, without having to rely on the functionality in you account.

External order reference. Add a string identifier to buy-links (max 100 char), to save extra info with the order, in addition to the system generated 2Checkout order reference. Consider using a MD5 HASH (a 32 characters string) instead of longer references. You can validate the hash after you receive the order notification from 2Checkout. External references are visible when accessing the order details page for your orders.

To identify the source of your sales (which links are performing better), a separate link identifier can be assigned to each link. For instance, if there are two buy-links on your website, one in the product page and another one in the download page, you can track the source page by entering the following parameters: SRC=prodpage for the product page or SRC=dldpage for the link on the download page(dldpage and prodpage are example strings only, you can use any combination).

The external customer reference. Aggregate subscriptions under the same Customer account if the products they're associated to are purchased by the same shopper by taking advantage of the CUSTOMERID (case sensitive) parameter added to buy-links.

The 2Checkout customer reference. Aggregate subscriptions under the same Customer account if the products they're associated to are purchased by the same shopper by taking advantage of the AV_CUSTOMERID (case sensitive) parameter added to buy-links. The 2Checkout system generates default customer numerical (integer) IDs (AV_CUSTOMERID) automatically for all orders containing products that feature subscriptions.

RENEWAL_SRC is added automatically ONLY to the system-generated manual renewal links sent by 2Checkout to customers via manual renewal notifications (emails). Manual renewal links available in subscription details pages do not include this parameter.

Value = 1. When DESIGN_TYPE=1 is used in buy-links the parameter changes the layout of the shopping cart template interface, positioning the payment methods selector in a more prominent position, above the billing details area.

Value = 2. When DESIGN_TYPE=2 is used in buy-links customers are redirected to their PayPal account, where they log in and confirm the payment. After payment confirmation, they are redirected to the shopping cart to confirm the billing and delivery data and enter their VAT ID.

Case sensitive. Include SHORT_FORM=1 in buy-links for shopping carts. Use it to streamline the shopping cart by minimizing data entry and providing an optimized ordering experience for customers. Guidance is available here.

Use a HMAC_MD5 signature to prevent links from being exploited. To calculate the HMAC_MD5 signature, you need to build a string from the query parameters of the buy-link prefixed by the length of the sequence of parameters in tandem with the 2Checkout-generated SECRET KEY for your account (view secret key).

For each simple product on your store, you can find two types of links; a Buy Link and a Permalink. You can see the Buy Links when you go into a product and click on Actions towards the top right. 041b061a72


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