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We got a call from Food-X on the same day we left the city to shelter away from our studio apartment. We started the program a day or two later, while my entire schedule had become virtual. The team at Food-X did something special: they didn't cancel the program. In a context of -understandable- closures and lay-offs, they shifted gears immediately, turned the program upside down and online. Aside from an occasional "bear with us", it was seamless, and useful.

As the digital transformation of the economy accelerates, ensuring fair and effective taxation has become a global challenge. We will give the highest priority to finding a comprehensive way to tackle the taxation of the digital economy with a view of elaborating a global solution by 2020 supported by a report of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. We should endorse the G20 Guiding principles on Artificial Intelligence, which are in line with the EU ethics guidelines, as well as promote our initiatives to fight online hate speech and disinformation. 041b061a72


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