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Yemelyan Pavlov
Yemelyan Pavlov

Pimsleur Mandarin Chinese II 11: A Comprehensive Guide to the Content and Structure of the Course

in comparison to the other higher-learning levels of pimsleur, chinese level 6 is pretty basic, with lots of drills that rely on word recognition more than grammar and vocabulary. as a result, there's a lot of repetition and for a student who already has a fairly good english vocabulary, it gets a bit tiring after several weeks. also, the uppercase-only alphabetic writing system is very different than what you'll find in the real world (especially with proper nouns); if you're planning to work in china or read chinese newspapers, your skills with pimsleur chinese level 6 will be of little use.

Pimsleur Mandarin Chinese II 11


i am still taking pimsleur chinese level 6 lessons. i started in july and am on lesson 10 now, and i am currently having trouble identifying tones. aside from the tones, everything else i can understand. i think i will have no problem to advance past this level. i am taking a lot of time, as i try not to advance this much in every week. pimsleur chinese looks to be the best, but they do not have the best teachers, perhaps for three years. btw, this is my first time trying tc classes. i am a bit different though, as i work in china, but i am able to have quality classes in english, in my country. also i take pimsleur mandarin chinese in dutch, that means it is very easy.

i have started learning cantonese so far. the first course i started on is by philip bae who has written a few books on mandarin chinese. it's a business course, which is more practical than the other courses i've bought and i didn't feel that they were well explained. but i think it's good that i have started on this course rather than trying to learn cantonese by myself. i will try to continue with this course. i thought i would lose my mandarin after starting with this language, but i can also speak cantonese very well. so i think i will continue this and can have a good learning experience.


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