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Download Aikido 3d 20 Full

This is a treasure box for any aikidoka I guess. For later versions; I hope we will see some anotomical animations like skeletal stress and nerval pressure of joint locks or muscular tension during the techniques... That would awesome for beginners like me :)Domo arigato gozaimashita.Ali Osman, Bilecik, Türkiye

Download Aikido 3d 20 Full

Awesome application, I'm missing the really basics from aikido, thinking you should add a module with all footwork movement names, and warmups in a way to learn Japanese and the basics before 5th kyu.Other than that awesome from 5th kyu onwards.Marcelo, Auckland, New Zealand

Very good,I am an old aikido man I have been training over 40 years and I wish we had these products in my time. Good stuff and hope it will keep the spirit of aikido forever.raymond collet, rounstone co galway, Ireland

I downloaded the programs and got them registered. They're really beautiful, amazingly complete, and are very user-friendly! Congratulations on your excellent work!Tomothy Tikker, Wilmington, DE, United States

I lost a lot of sleep going through all the aikido and aiki weapons last night - after ordering online. Excellent renditions of very complex actions - something that is difficult to put into words but immediately clear when seen in action.Aikido is experiential - seeing techniques done in the correct form translates into doing techniques in the correct form. That is, in fact, how aikido is taught. Aikido3D takes visual demonstration out of the dojo and makes it available anywhere, anytime.Well done!Sam Norris, Pittsburgh, United States

Great piece of software. Definitely worthwhile getting as help with grades and to learn moves that you are stuck with. I will definitely recommend to friends. Well done to the aikido3d team. JAY.FRENCH, BIRMINGHAM , england

I have two children that have just started Aikido and thought this program might be useful for them. After downloading it, I was pleasantly surprised how easily and quickly my 9 year old and 11 year old have worked their way round the program with very little help from myself. Its a brilliant program well thought out and definitely going to be well used. On top of this the support I have received from the Aikido3D team was faultless. Thanks for designing such a clever program. I would not hesitate in recommending to any level of person practicing Aikido.Adrian Hemming, Oldbury, United Kingdom

an excellent interactive program for studying the right aikido-movement.A great help for any Aikidoka.For all Kyu- as well as Dan-Levels.I still hope, there will be the time to create a part two Aikido-3D for higher levels of aikido-training including Jo and sword-techniques.Albert Stevens, Duesseldorf, Germany

A genuinely innovative, educational and enjoyable learning experience. Far more interactive, cost-effective and watchable than any other aikido learning offering I have seen in the marketplace globally. The support team is also very kind and patient in answering questions post-purchase which is a real bonus. A great product and totally portable. I made the right choice when buying this product.Scott Watson, Halifax, United Kingdom

What can i say? It`s amazing. Thanks for a fast serviceI just past the test succesfully for the 2th kyu.And I am sure the aikido 3D will succesfully help me in my training program.Thanks...... anasanas salah, Tripoli, Libya

This is an excellent visul training material for any student of aikido...all the basic kamiwaza & nagewaza are shown...a perfect training guide for aikido instructors as well.Felix Yecla, Cagayan De Oro City, Philippines

Very good video, I am a beginner at Aikido, I am sure this will help a lot.I had a problem with downloading because I am not that handy - The support I received was outstanding. Thank you Shai.Ad Daris, Bergeijk, Holland

What can i say? It`s amazing. Thanks for a fast service and delivery.I just past the test succesfully for the 4th kyu.And I am sure the aikido 3D will succesfully help me in my training program.Thanks.René Bouman, Enschede, Netherlands

Great training aid i like how all moves are started from migi-hanmi to translate easier from the program to the mat this program really helps. also the training notes for each move is great so i can write reminders in my own little anectdotes for rememberance. oh and thanks shai for the great support you guys can help so many martial artists i will be sure to tell all fellow aikidokas about this wonderful program!.Ken Van Allen, Huntersville, n.c., USA

Yes, yes, yes! It worked and thanks for setting up my own server to solve the download issue, what a service!I have just registered without any problem and watched the first tenchi-nage moves, amazing! I am surprised by how clear the moves are demonstrated.I look forward to using the software after every training sesion to review what we've done that day.Thanks again for the service (even on a saturday), have a nice Sunday....I know I will.Martijn Koenders, Utrecht, The Netherlands

I first heard about your program from my Sensei who thought it might be a good way for me to study and review the basics. I tried a number of video training programs and have nearly every book on aikido, but your program is clearly the best approach. The ability to study the movements of both uke and nage from different angles, follow their centers, and trace their footwork while listening to running commentary is very helpful. I like to take notes on the tips given in class or at seminars, and you even provide a place in your program for me to do that. You maximized what can be done with current, affordable technology; I am really looking forward to future versions. Congratulations for making Aikido more accessible to slow learners like me!August J. Valenti, MD, Aikido of Maine, Maine, USA

Fantastic program, the support team are great also, total value for money, this is a great program for aikidoka all over the world, nomatter of rank. hopeing there is a weapons follow up.Lee Southward, Durham, England

This program is wonderful. I found it very usefull especially to prepare for examinations. Every Aikido fan must get it. I am also very impressed with the people at customer support.Bahadir Berktas, Ankara, Turkey

I have alot of books and videos in martial arts and I ammore facinated with the application of aikido.Your 3D version of movements help understand better and give me me a precision moves to the technique. I wish you willalso make a 3D for the appliction of the Jo and the kata. I can add more but for now, I live it us that.PETE A. DEJESUS, Clearwater, FL, USA

I received the cdrom well and I could install and register it without any problem.The cd is the most professional and clear I ever saw about aikido. Thank you.Béatrice Dhondt, Saint-Agatha, Belgium

Excellent - a must to buy for the aikidoist. Can't wait for the next update. Weapons would be great addition. I will recommend it to our students.Tony Evangelou, London Aikido Dojo, London, United Kingdom

If you have bought training dvds you can trash most of them right away.I have a lot of them (aikido and judo) and none of them has the instructional value of this one. Dont waste your money on much more expensive dvds, this software does the job and excells at it. From the first hours of study I realized what I had been tought wrong (or I had learnt wrong, either way), so as a tool it has proven invaluable. Nevertheless I would have loved that it had covered history (with images), proper outfit, Dojo etiquette, ukemi, bokken, etc. A kids version with manga characters would be a great idea to introduce them to this martial art world..Manfred Martinez Dominguez Otero, Budo UNAM, Mexico

GREAT PROGRAM!!! I purchased this cd to attempt to incorporate possibletechniques into my system of kenpo. Already I can tell, that it waswell worth the money, and will be in invaluable aid to train with.There is absolutely no substitute for an acutal aikido studio, but thisone comes pretty darn close!Dustin Taber, St. Louis, USA

After three days of possession I appreciate more with each viewing theeffort and care that was put into Aikido 3D. Congratulations.This is a great reference for any aikidoka, at any level.Can't wait Aikido 3D II -Weapons.Andrew Barron, Calgary Aikikai, Calgary, Canada

I've just received my copy of aikido3d and it's absolutely amazing. The enormous amount of work you guys must have put an into it is evident from every angle... It's an invaluable tool for all practitioners, beginner and advanced.Noam Shanny, Re'ut, Israel

I like it! Excellent - a must to own by aikidoist. Better than any cd/dvd about aikido training tool. And support from Shai Golan is excellent; it's second to none. Thanks Shai! I would like another option: go to the next technique automatically without manually clicking for it.Peter dela Pena , Toronto, Canada

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