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Yemelyan Pavlov
Yemelyan Pavlov

She Just Started Talking To Me About Crack In Mexico

Blanton: He brought Willie Mays in the clubhouse, which was amazing. A living legend. He was basically talking to all of us after Willie left the locker room about how good Willie Mays was and he saw Willie Mays do this and Willie Mays do that.

She Just Started Talking To Me About Crack In Mexico

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In the central corridor, the border is not a river, just a line marked by obelisks. The crackdown has made it more difficult for migrants to cross within the immediate vicinity of official border crossings.

Because it is the law and they are enforcing the law. Too any people are living illegally in Mexico and the US has asked for Mexico to crack down on illegal immigration so that includes US residents not just people trying to cross Mexico to get into the US.

I was curious about this too. Online the form asks for the length of time you wish to stay so if a person does this in lieu of waiting until arrival? Are the 180 days just given because you have listed your intent on staying? Listed the Airbnb or lodging up front?

We all got back to camp. [Angela Vanwiemeersch] packed us a bottle of tequila, it felt like a bad idea for me to drink, considering [I'd] had next to no food or water in my system for 36 hours, but I couldn't resist. We both loved tequila. Jordanna made Jackson, Aaron and I dinner. We sat on a pad on the ground eating, passing around the bottle and sharing stories about you. It was the happiest day I've had yet. Honestly, it felt like I was I was just on an adventure, my favorite thing. We eventually all 4 crawled into our 2 person tent and all slept like logs. The first time I'd slept in what felt like forever. #realityofadventure

...You knew you were ready for this and had 100% confidence. I was intimidated, it's a really big wall. But I knew we could do it together. We played Rock Paper Scissors to see who would lead first. We always jokingly referred to it as the "sacred ritual." I couldn't have imagined your fate was decided at that moment. Something so simple chose who would come home. We checked knots, harness and belay device. Everything was good. I told you "climb on" and you started howling like the wild animal you were. You climbed with the same smile, the same style and grace as always. You climbed for fun, not for accolades or a pat on the back. We climbed the first 8 pitches quickly. Ate dinner and got to work on the first crux, 12d. I had some bad beta (as always), and you fixed it (as always). We both led the pitch without falling on our next tries. We bumped fists and had a wonderful night talking about our loving girlfriends, catching up on our winter activities and talking about our plans for the year. No subject was off limits. I'm usually quiet but with you the conversations flowed as easily as the waterfall that you couldn't stop admiring. You always filled my heart with joy on the wall and you heckled me for being paranoid and hanging my helmet above my head on the portaledge. It would be our last night together. I wish we'd stayed up longer. The canyon rang with your laughter and it was so good to be there with my best friend. My buddy from childhood. The man I discovered climbing with. The man who saved my relationship and my life when I considered suicide. The next night was going to be the longest and loneliest of my life. #nolansmytheforever #love #family


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